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Advanced Mini Piling Systems main office is located in Warminster in Wiltshire. Our location offers us gives easy access and proximity to the South of England, Wales and the Isle of Man. However, because of our specialisation as advanced mini piling contractors, we can travel to client’s country-wide and so we do not restrict our services to providing mini piling systems exclusively to Wiltshire.

With our reputation as a leading piling systems contractor and our competitive pricing structure, we have customers across the UK – for example, we are also piling contractors in Lancashire.

We are always available to talk through your particular mini piling requirements and can offer constructive advice on the exact time planning needed to ensure our part of the project is completed effectively and on time wherever you are based in the UK.

Mini piling is a specialised service that constitutes groundworks for building projects such as conservatories, extensions, cellar conversions and new builds.

We have built up our flexible range of advanced mini piling systems since we set up Advanced Mini Piling Systems in 2003. With 30 years’ experience in the mini piling industry, our knowledge and expertise are brought to every job we undertake.

Mini piling offers an immediate advantage – it provides access to sites where space is limited. This could be a narrow pathway from the front of the property to the garden where a conservatory is to be built or a tight back alley access too narrow for a conventional, larger, piling to access.

Yes, we carry out the associated groundworks before the mini piling work is undertaken.

As advanced mini piling contractors, we understand that there is more to a job than simply providing the holes before construction can begin. We offer our clients a full foundation package and this package goes beyond the usual service provided by mini piling services.

We include the construction of ground beams and slabs and ensure that the spoil from the mini piling works is removed from the site. This service in particular is not only appreciated by our clients but also by the other contractors involved in the building works project since it means that once the mini piling systems are completed, the ground is clear for the next stage of the construction process.

When deciding to add a conservatory to your home, one of the first things you need to consider is the construction of the foundations and this is where advanced mini piling systems come into play.

Mini piling services are the only way to deal with conservatories where access is usually restricted. Building a conservatory also requires moving large quantities of soil, rocks and other types of spoil usually associated with building work.

Using equipment larger than a mini piling rig can significantly increase the costs of the building works and as well as being very expensive, this option can often be a non-starter due to the restrictions associated with access and space.

Therefore, an important element to consider when considering the implications of a new conservatory is ensuring the surrounding ground has been thoroughly researched since it could alter the type of mini piling system required to create the foundation.

When you decide to convert a basement or cellar into a habitable room or you want to build a conservatory, it is necessary to have the site thoroughly investigated and surveyed by the company providing the mini piling services.

There are numerous issues to consider that aren’t within the normal experience of the average homeowner.

Only reputable advanced mini piling systems specialists are worth retaining since the latter’s breadth of experience and knowledge means they can run an expert eye over the ground conditions in which you are planning to use.

This often includes issues where the ground lacks stability and is subject to heave as a result of pre-existing fault lines in the ground.

Unless you retain a specialist in mini piling systems to survey your ground before the works begin, you may end up choosing mini piling systems that aren’t sufficiently flexible or strong enough to suit the ground where the foundations are to be put in place.

On all building projects, you will need foundations to ensure that the building doesn’t fall over.

Although this may seem like an obvious fact, the depths to which foundations were dug historically were quite shallow until the twentieth century.

An examination of foundations of Victorian buildings reveal to observers traditional building methods usually employed a step system, much like a pyramid, giving the building a firm footing in the ground.

However, these days advances in knowledge about building and the mini piling technology available means we can build foundations in areas of restricted access that previously would have been so expensive to make building impossible.

Therefore, the use of mini piling systems has greatly expanded the homeowner’s ability to extend his or her house more cost effectively.

Mini piling has a simple benefit over any other foundation groundwork in that it can be achieved in places where previously the work would not have happened at all, or if had been undertaken, it may have completed with less peace of mind in terms of structural security.

Mini piling systems also enable builders to create extensions to homes in tight spaces that would have been out of bounds.

It makes good economic sense to employ the services of an advanced mini piling contractor to reconnoitre the land you are planning to build on since different mini piling systems are used for different types of ground.

Some ground may suffer from more movement and therefore, it needs a particular kind of foundation for which a specialist and reputable mini piling contractor, such as Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd, should be able to advise.

The diverse geology of the United Kingdom landscape means that whether you are looking for mini piling contractors in Lancashire or advanced piling in Wiltshire, whilst discussing the design of your new build with your contractor, an expert piling opinion is an essential step in the building process.

Before any work begins on the foundations for a new build, extension or conservatory, the soil is thoroughly tested.

This testing can slow down the build but it is essential to assess the foundations are sufficiently strong and flexible to support the structure to be built above it. For the majority of extensions, whether an extra room or a conservatory, most reputable builders will recommend the use of mini piling systems.

Mini piling systems are favoured for domestic foundation work because, as the term mini piling suggests, they are far smaller than traditional piling rigs. The obvious advantage of this is that if you have a path to your back garden or yard, the mini piling system enables the foundation crew to access areas of your property that might be restrictive to a larger piling system.

Different types of mini piling systems will be used for different ground – some soils are harder than others and, where the soils have clay or issues with movement of the soil, the mini piling experts will employ a variety of different techniques ensuring your completed build has more than adequate foundations and lasts a long time.

Clay in your garden soil is more often associated with gardening problems but it is also having a real effect on surrounding buildings and on how new builds are carried out.

Foundations need to be sufficiently deep to counter seasonal shrinking that happens in all soil but even more attention is given to the correct mini piling used in clay conditions.

Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd has the experience and expertise to assess the ground around on your property and provide the correct type of mini piling. Mini piling systems are generally used where the soil just below the surface lacks sufficient support for the structure that is to be built above it.

Mini piling is a cost-effective method of providing extra support through a longer pin that reaches further into the firmer strata below the less supporting shallow soil.

Mini piling is also used where the interior of a building’s headroom is limited, such as when installing a mezzanine in an office block or working in a basement.

The ground on which your property stands will have a unique set of issues that can have a negative effect on you house or on any conservatory or extension you are planning to carry out.

One of the more common terms you may hear from surveyors and builders is the problem of heave in the soil.

Heave, or the swelling of the soil, occurs when a source of dehydration of the soil, such as a tree, dies or is removed.

The sudden removal of a tree creates a swelling of the soil because the ground now has more water contained than previously and this leads to the ground rising and expanding.

When this occurs, it can adversely affect your property leading to cracks in the walls. Unless you have good foundations, this is a process that can continue for up to 25 years.

Armed with this knowledge when constructing a conservatory, extension or completely new build will create a building that is less likely to be affected by the natural shrink and expansion of the soil and this is where the economics of using mini piling comes into its own.

Not only can mini piling systems access areas of your property large piling machines cannot, the former can go deep enough into the soil to give the foundation a strong grip on the firmer strata below the shallow soil more usually affected by heave.

At Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd, we specialise in creating firm foundations in areas where large piling equipment is unable to gain access or too expensive to consider.

Heaving is an issue affecting most homeowners looking to build an extension of some kind to their homes. Where the entrance to the extension area is small, only the use of advanced mini piling systems can be considered.

When you are considering extending your home with either a conservatory or an extension, more than likely you will need to employ mini pilings services.

Speaking to the builders you have hired to complete the work will give you some idea of what kind of foundations you need, however, Advanced Mini Piling contractors will offer further expertise to provide an in-depth survey of the kind of foundations you may need.

One method for building foundation is the rubble trench foundation, popularised by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is seen as an environmental sound alternative to concrete since as it doesn’t require the same amount of energy to create.

However, as much this makes ecological sense, please note it doesn’t cope well with poor load-bearing soils where the soil is subject to heave (the swelling of the soil) or cannot support the load of the structure that is to be built upon it. Therefore, deeper foundations are the answer.

In smaller construction areas, mini piling systems are the only choice to achieve reliable foundations. An expert opinion will give you a good idea of the type of mini piling that should be used.

If you are based in the South of England, Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd has this expertise with 30 years of experience working as advanced mini piling contractors and although Advanced Mini Pilings Systems Ltd is a leading piling contractor in the South of England, the company covers a much wider range because of the size of the convenient size of its mini piling equipment.

For homeowners who do not have a separate path or back alley access to their property, Advanced Mini Piling Systems has machines that are small enough to fit through a domestic doorway enabling the construction of a conservatory or basement when otherwise it would have been considered impractical or highly expensive.

One of the major advantages of employing mini piling services is that they are able to access areas that you would otherwise be unable to renovate or build in.

At Advanced Mini Piling Systems, our range of equipment means we can work in minimum space of 2.3 metres for bored or driven piles or 3 metres for mini hollow stem piling.

Coupled with mini piling systems that will fit through a domestic doorway, the equipment can be used to reinforce substandard foundations or to create the necessary foundations to support building work in tight spaces.

This advantage also means that businesses looking to create a mezzanine floor in their premises can do so with mini piling systems where larger piling systems are not able to reach.

The cost of using mini piling can be as little as £1000 which means that the dream of creating extra space in your home is something that can be realised within the framework of the total building costs and without being excessively expensive.

With the trend towards improving the homes in contrast to moving, cellars are being converted into a huge variety of uses. The trend to convert cellars is growing because the cellar is nearer to the main living area of the house than a roof space – the traditional conversion area for a home.

Mini piling systems are being used to create wine cellars, playrooms, recording studios, a bedroom and kitchens in homes.

In business premises, there are positive financial rewards from converting cellars and basements into office space, a car park and storage space among other uses.

All these additional spaces have one thing in common; they are tight and this restriction means that only mini piling services are practical.

An expert eye is necessary to determine the exact type of mini piling that should be used; a specialist will be able to test the soil to determine how far down the piling needs to go as well as determining what forces are at work on the soil so that the right kind of foundation is used.

During the initial stages of planning building work, there are practical decisions to make that will affect the entire project and not always at the top of the list is what happens to the waste from the building works.

At Advanced Mini Piling Systems Ltd, this is a consideration that is taken seriously.

During at site visit, our mini piling experts always bear in mind the need to provide associated groundworks for you building requirements.

When you need a full foundation package from one contractor, Advanced Mini Piling Systems can fulfil this by constructing ground beams, slabs and the removal of the spoil from the site.

When working in tandem with a builder, this removal of spoil is an essential element to the process as it gives the next stage a clean start to help keep the building works on schedule.

And because mini pilings are the most effective kind of pilings to use on properties that have restricted access, this means that removal of spoil is especially necessary because in small spaces the spoil mounts up very quickly.

This not only impedes the work being carried out by the mini piling specialists, it also holds up the chain of work to create the new extension, conservatory or cellar.

For cellar conversions, soil removal by the mini piling services is doubly necessary as this is waste that can cause disruption throughout the house or business premises.

Although Advanced Mini Piling Systems is a piling contractor located in Wiltshire and Essex, the company’s technical expertise and ability together with the compact size of its piling equipment enable its services to be offered all over the UK.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from 30 years as advanced mini piling contractors, Advanced Mini Piling offer free site visits to inspect and survey for any required foundation work to be carried out on your premises.

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