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Advanced Mini Piling Systems, provides the full package of design, pile and foundation systems. The reinforced steel beam is used to connect all the piles together, transferring the load of the super structure onto the piles. With the help of void products, the R/C Beam, Slab, Raft is isolated from existing ground movements such as heave, caused by weather conditions, tree roots and water leaks, from mains water, rain water and waste water. The void material collapses over time, and with the aid of anti-heave sleeving, which can be cardboard with a special slip coating or a grease lined plastic sleeve, the stress on the pile is greatly reduced by allowing the heaving ground to move naturally not impacting on the foundations.

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Piled Beam Systems

Piled Beam Systems are used in all commercial and residential developments, and are a requirement by building authorities, where clays and soft ground conditions are present. Piled Beam Systems also reduce the need for traditional deep footings, reducing the cost of material being removed from site and large amounts of concrete to fill the deep excavations, this saves money and reduces the impact on the environment, and transport.

Trench form is a product that retains the sides of the excavation, prevents any collapse of material in to steel reinforcement in poor ground conditions and prevents grout loss from concrete.

Claymaster is placed around all internal sides of the piled beam, and prevents expansion of the fill material, increasing lateral loads on the piles and beam system.

This capping beam works on the same principle as a piled beam, but has piles placed contiguously to one another forming a wall, this is used for lateral and vertical loadings.

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Piled Rafts and Slab Systems

Piled Rafts and Slabs are used where a whole building needs supporting. In commercial developments the Piled Slab acts as the floor and supports walls. Piled Rafts and Slabs are well suited to new build domestic projects where timber frames and modular systems can be erected straight off the reinforced concrete slab after adequate curing time has been allowed. All Piled Raft and Slab Systems are compatible with void forming technology.

Piled Slabs and Rafts can be installed in existing subsiding properties, unfortunately unless the building can be underpinned from outside with cantilever beams or traditional underpinning, which is uneconomical over 2.0-3.0m, the lower ground floor or basement must be excavated to sub soil level and internal wall footings removed, to allow for the installation of piles, with mini rigs capable of manoeuvring internally. Once the piles are installed, steel reinforcement is laced throughout the building, with needles pocketed into the external walls, spreading the load of the building over the piles. With the void under the slab and external footing removed, below newly installed slab the building is in total isolation.

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Advanced Mini Piling systems Ltd.

Cantilever Beams and Underpinning

Cantilever Beams are used to stabilise buildings with subsidence, by installing a pair of Piles at 1.0-1.5m (depending on loading) intervals down the length of the external walls, the pair of piles consists of a compression pile which is closest to the wall and to maintain its close proximity to the building may need the footing cutting back. As the compression pile has the loading of the wall placed onto it via the needle beam, the needle beam is inserted into a pre-cut hole in the wall below existing ground level, and can either be made up of steel reinforcement or a H section, this causes the R/C Beam to pivot on this Pile, the second Pile which is installed 1.0m out from the compression pile (depending on loading) works in tension and holds the rear of the beam down and supports the wall, this cantilever action gives this system its name.

Piled underpinning is method undertaken when the building cannot be needled into, because either its structurally unsound or it is on a failed R/C ring beam, piles are installed, and the beam is excavated below the footing, this requires deep excavation in some situations.


Piled Pads and Pile Caps

Piled pads consist of one or more piles working together in compression to support a column, used in commercial developments, mezzanine floors, modular builds for hospitals and schools and residential developments for glazed extensions, garden rooms and orangeries.

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