Basement Construction & Piled Retaining Walls

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Basement Construction & Piled Retaining Walls

Bored pile retaining walls have many uses, basement construction, cut and cover bridges, bank stabilisation and road/rail cuttings, but the system which you may need will depend heavily on certain factors; ground conditions, retained height, ground water and deflection.

At Advanced Mini Piling Systems, we provide:

Driven Piled Retaining Walls 

Rotary Bored Contiguous Piled Walls 

CFA Contiguous Piled Walls 

Secant Contiguous Piled Walls 

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Piled Retaining Walls

Piled Retaining Walls are a very cost-effective way of forming a retaining wall, as there is reduced bulk excavation with maximum underground space. Walls can follow complex layouts and our specialist rigs can perform with a minimum working requirement of 500mm to the face of the perimeter. (Distances can be further reduced depending on certain factors.)

Large diameter and mini piled cast-in situ retaining walls, give an economic and efficient way of constructing, permanent or temporary piled retaining walls. These walls are ideally suited for deep basement construction in the ever-expanding basement industry in London, as they can be bored and cast in restricted access and open site conditions, and where adjacent structures require support. Which is perfect for domestic projects as the piled retaining wall, can be bored and cast parallel to the party wall, retaining back neighbouring properties, giving the client maximum underground space.

Advanced Mini Piling systems Ltd.

Contiguous Piled Wall

Contiguous Piled Walls are suitable, where the ground water level is below the depth of excavation. It is the most economic and fastest method for piled retaining walls and the piles can be cast at 150mm greater than the diameter of the pile be used, which will leave gaps of soil once the excavation is complete, but will then have a reinforced concrete lining applied to prevent long term water ingress.

Where the ground conditions are unstable and the underlying clay is without ground water, temporary liners can be installed and removed after pile has been cast. This method is more economic and efficient than mini piled hollow stem.

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Secant Piled Wall

Hard/Soft Secant Piled Walls are the most cost-effective way of casting a piled wall, where short term water retention is needed. The wall consists of two types of interlocking pile so no gaps are left; the primary pile, (soft) is constructed using a concrete, bentonite mix which is bored to the same toe depth but has no reinforcement. The secondary pile, (hard) is bored and cast to the same toe depth but with structural concrete and reinforcement. The primary and secondary piles interlock 150mm into each other, and are used in applications where ground water is held back temporarily, but may need a reinforced concrete lining depending on requirements.

Hard/Hard Secant Piled Walls are similar to Hard/Soft, but both primary and secondary piles are cast using reinforced structural concrete, and require heavy duty rotary rigs to cut through the primary pile to cast the secondary pile, specialised cutting heads are also required. The finished wall will provide a water tight and fully concreted finished face.

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